Apps will give you a different view

Mobile Apps are still very trendy. They can help you can reach a specific group of potential customers and interested parties. Apps expand terminal devices and enable you to purposefully place specific content. Applications are easy to use and aim to support or entertain people in their everyday lives. Apps need to be matched with terminals and specific operation systems. A number of factors determine whether an app promises to be successful:


• Does my app offer real added value?

• Who is my target audience?

• Is there already an app like mine?

• What goals am I pursuing with this app?

• What’s my budget?


These and many other questions and details determine whether your application will achieve the success you wish for.

MAUTNER Lackvertriebsges.m.b.H is a leading innovative company in the business of paints and lacquers. A wide selection of comprehensive solutions for car paint shops, decorators, carpenters, trading and industrial companies and their partnership with leading manufacturers are testament to their successful business strategy.


This business with tradition recognizes the possibilities digital networks bring and counts on implementing profitable apps. The company is logically linked with a functional website, a simple web shop and our flexible MOVECRM solution making it ready for prospective digital challenges.

We are looking forward to assisting you with our experience and will gladly discuss the countless opportunities that small, useful and effective applications provide.

Native app

Hybrid app 

Web app

An app for all cases?

How an app gives you and your customers more value.


We are looking forward to advise you about the possibilities.