It's more than your business card online: your website

One of the fundamentals of a successful company is having an attractive and informative website. A website that meets technical requirements as well as complies with the GDPR. It represents their brand values ​​and ensures a good ranking in the World Wide Web.


The experienced team at Mediate Systems will assist you in the planning, implementation and connecting of your new web presence. We advise you about current web technologies, the appropriate CMS system (content management system for an easy way to maintain your website) and support you in creating a design optimized for usability.


We rely on stable and state-of-the-art technologies and can easily integrate your website into an existing system landscape (for example, ERP or CRM systems). Gain a lead on your competition with an individual and appealing website that also convinces with outstanding performance.


During an initial workshop we define your goals and visions for your website, as well as the implementation possibilities. In the specification we write down your requirements for the project, especially for large, extensive projects or web portals, the specification document is an ideal basis to implement your project quickly and successfully.


We support you with questions about usability in your design and supplement your visions with suggestions from our experienced technicians. Once your project is completed, in advance of the go-live, we start our intensive and thorough testing phase, followed by your internal testing phase. Even after a successful go-live of your site, we will assist you with advice and support.


With attractive ideas and e-commerce on everyone's lips.

At the beginning there is always an idea. For wishes to be implemented, they have to be sorted, structured and checked for feasibility.


This is where we come into play. In order to express your ideas, we need information about you and your company.


For a successful course of your project, the agreement of goals and non-goals is important. Because only those who know their destination, can go on a successful trip


Now the journey can begin. We develop a draft and during a feedback session we decide which route we will be taking.


We are also happy to bring our experience to your existing web:shop projects. Sometimes an unbiased view from the outside can be very helpful in assessing an existing project and steering it on the right course.

Collect ideas

Discuss possibilities

Set goals

Plan & implement

A closer connection to your employees with in-house shopping solutions.

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Increased reach for natural health with shop solutions.

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Why E-Commerce (Content) is indispensable!

E-Commerce is much more than just shopping on the net?

For customers it's important to shop in a relaxing and easy way. The best way to reach these goals is to implement your own online shop solution.


E-Commerce (short for electronic commerce) can only be a success story for your products and services, if you prepare them with style and good content. Because content is king. With good content, visitors are inspired, informed and encouraged to order and consume your products.


A modern online shop solution offers the following advantages:

Differentiation from the competition

Gaining new customers

Reaching new markets

Optimized customer relationship management

Interactive communication

Independence of location and time

Improved cross- and upselling possibilities

Our Web:Shop solutions for your success!


Our Web:Shop CMS solutions help you to implement your ecommerce strategy.


With powerful CM (content management) systems, you can easily enter your products and content and thus inspire existing customers and gain new ones.

Even more success on the Web:Shop?

We are looking foward to talk to you about the possibilities of how to implement your Web:Shop presence in a modern and successful way.