MOVECRM: bringing momentum and structure to your customer relations.

MOVECRM is your flexible tool to stay in touch with your customers. Designed for medium to large-sized businesses, MOVECRM facilitates managing your customer relations. Due to a flexible module system, this CRM system is easily adaptable to your internal and external processes. Depending on your needs, this reliable CRM system’s size and performance can be perfectly fitted to your business.


MOVECRM also accompanies your customer relations on the go: You can be assured of complete just-in-time data with MOVECRM’s mobile version.


The well-established open source solution SuiteCRM serves as the basis for this extensive CRM system. SugarCRM’s successor scores with multiple extensions. A historically grown, strong community fuels constant improvements and the development of new features in SuiteCRM. The software always keeps its finger at the pulse of time and continuously meets the needs of ever-changing operational requirements and processes.


Your business is growing or changing? The module system ensures that MOVECRM is flexible enough to adjust to changing demands without complications. When your business is expanding, additional modules can be integrated step-by-step.


Numerous long-term customers profit from this flexibility, such as Holding Graz. Our MOVECRM solution facilitates day to day business for Holding Graz. From professionally managing master data, adopting the survey module and organizing raffles to campaign management (Multi-Channel Manager) — MOVECRM covers a wide range of marketing tools. Apart from the CRM solution, we implemented the website and numerous online shops for Holding Graz.


Citycom also counts on MOVECRM for professional master data management to conduct individual campaigns and surveys, for sales and offer management as well as for workflow management. Citycom also uses classification features within MOVECRM to enable a fully automated campaign management. Numerous interfaces integrate this CRM solution into the business’s existing infrastructure.


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