Cash register obligation – a challenge, that doesn’t have to be one

Does your business make cash transactions? In Austria this means that you have to abide to the so-called Cash register obligation —the legal obligation to record all individual cash payments electronically—since January 1st 2016. The MOVECRM Cash Register Module lets you operate flexibly and simply with this legal requirement.


Like all MOVECRM modules, the Cash Register Module can be individually adjusted to your company guidelines. Naturally, all legal requirements are met with this module and processing your daily settlements is simple and effortless. The Cash Register Module can be combined with other modules easily and lets your CRM system grow into a holistic and simple customer administration system.


Tablet, PC or cashier device? MOVECRM’s Cash Register Module allows you to process cash transactions comfortably and flexibly on every device. For optimal security, backups are saved periodically on local and secure servers.


Assess your sales at the push of a button and always keep track of your account and cash books. With the Cash Register Module, you get an overview of your sales at all times. When creating electronical invoices, all data is immediately archived and your master data is readily available in MOVECRM. Use this data with additional modules and broaden your customer base.

Cash registers duty

Conformable to law

Easy & comfortable

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