GO!ERP: With efficiency to corporate success

This ERP software solution is based on the open source solution Odoo and covers a wide range of corporate requirements, like warehouse management, e-commerce, project management, resource planning and more.


Odoo is now used by more than 2 million users worldwide, with users ranging from start-ups (1 user) to big multiplayers (more than 300.000 users).


With the tools included in this software you professionally cover practically all your company’s business applications. A strong community continuously develops this GO!ERP solution further.


By adapting this business software to your needs, we ensure smooth business processes for your company. When your requirements are changing, further applications can be installed or removed. This means that your ERP system always stays up to date.

High scalability

Flexible design

No license fee

Great development community

How the new privacy changes or world.

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How GO!ERP positively influences your company.

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What are the advantages of a system like GO!ERP?

Why it is worthwhile to implement an ERP system


An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution supports numerous operational procedures and covers a wide range of business processes. You can manage procurement, material management, production, logistics, sales, accounting, controlling and human resources in a targeted, transparent and successful way.


The advantages of an ERP system like GO!ERP are obvious:

Shared data base

Standardized data maintenance

More transparency (e.g. exact stock levels)

Simplified evaluation possibilities

Better communication

Efficient process management

Optimized human resource management

Get started with GO!ERP!


Our GO!ERP solution empowers you to optimize your resources simply and purposefully.


Arrange your personal consultation with us today. Together we will identify existing structures, procedures and processes and talk about future requirements for your ERP system.


With our flexible and powerful GO!ERP solution we provide a viable software system that will support your corporate success sustainably.

More efficient. More transparent. Even more success?

With a professional solution, such as GO! ERP, existing resources in the company can be used even more effectively.