More personal customer communication with social media?

You want to fully exploit your businesses’ potential and be closer to your customers? Our Social Media Module ensures that you organize your customer communication through your relevant social media networks clearly.


Social media channels are becoming ever more important in our communications environment. Customers often use these channels to ask questions, make complaints or give suggestions. It is essential for a modern business to be present on these communication channels and to react in a timely and individual manner.


MOVECRM’s Social Media Monitoring allows you to react to questions, suggestions or complaints quickly and effectively. On social media, your service is visible to everyone and therefore strengthens your business’s reputation. 


Keep important and valuable online sources in sight with MOVECRM’s Web Monitoring. This tool enables you to react to trends and user behavior quickly and to match your online services to current demand. Shorten your reaction time and always stay up to date with the Social Media Tool.

Modern customer dialogues

Web monitoring

Varied analyzes

Social Media is indispensable. Do you want to integrate it in your company?

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