Reach your customers effectively with creative campaigns

The flood of promotional messages on a large number of channels can overwhelm customers. Important messages might not make it through to your target audience. Creative ideas are needed to effectively reach your customers. With the MOVECRM Campaign Module we are giving you a data protection compliant tool that supports you with design, shipment and controlling.


Plan and implement creative campaigns, like e-mail newsletters, telephone and text message campaigns easily and professionally with the Campaign Module.


Staying in touch with your customers and supplying them with target-oriented, valuable information is integral for your customer relations. E-mail newsletters and creative mails and messages support you in doing so. Individual campaigns strengthen your customers’ trust in your business and ensure that you purposefully communicate your activities and achievements.


With the Campaign Module you can rest assured that your campaigns meet data protection requirements, since it offers all necessary prerequisites including double-opt-in procedures and protection list support (like the Robinson list).


Do you know how your campaign is performing? Without a well-grounded statistical analysis your messages might be a shot in the dark. Adapt your campaign activities to your customers. You can do so with MOVECRM, which will let you know who reacted to your messages, when and how. This means that your campaigns reach maximum efficiency while strengthening your customer relations.

Personalized campaigns


Statistics & reports

DSGVO compliant

Create challenging campaigns with MOVECRM.

A CRM system creates more proximity to your target group. We are looking forward to help and advise you on the possibilities.