The shortest way from proposal to contract

At the end of the day, a business’s success is defined by successful closures. The shorter the time from making a proposal to finishing the contract, or invoicing ongoing (maintenance) contracts, the more efficient the payment flow. Make sure not to lose sight of your ongoing contracts and prepare important documents and contracts in a timely manner by managing these documents in MOVECRM’s Contract Module.


Our Contract Module manages all your contracts clearly and efficiently. It makes accessing your important and necessary information fast and uncomplicated at all times. You always have all your business relations in sight. This ensures that you can make reliable statements about your processes and contracts at any time.


The Contract Module offers automated contract generation, which makes the process from creating a proposal to concluding the contract short and simple. This handy MOVECRM module precisely matches your contract management processes to your everyday business. High transparency and accuracy minimize mistakes and provide a readily available overview to your employees.

Settle on time

High transparency

Time savings

You want to create contracts faster & more effectively? And do not overlook billing deadlines?

Our contract module makes it possible.